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 I like being an indie. I really really do. Being an indie means I'm my own gatekeeper. I determine what the plot is, what's best for the story. I choose the cover art. Yeah, there's a downside -- there's a downside to traditional publishing. But, at the same time, for the control freak in me, it suits me.

And then again....

You find me one indie that wouldn't jump at the chance to be with a traditional publisher and I'll eat the candles off your next birthday cake. Of course we would. We're not stupid. It's a lower royalty rate, it means the publisher can make changes -- all for the good of the story. But it's a whole lot less of the stress and work. 

And I find myself in the position of maybe being picked up by a traditional publisher. One with a great reputation and a willingness to work for and with their authors. Is it wrong to want that? Hell no. 

So. Here goes nothing. 

Write On!


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